Apples Of Gold Pre-School

Our Purpose

Apples of Gold Educational Center is established as a service to the families and children of our community. We believe that if given the opportunity, every child can become a unique individual that will help shape the world around them. We are grateful for being considered as possible caretakers of your children. Our staff recognize your children as our greatest resource for the future and place high priority on your child’s early development.

Our Philosophy

We believe that God created each person individually and uniquely and therefore, recognize the value of helping each child discover their own uniqueness and potential.

We believe children need to grow physically, emotionally, socially, mentally, and spiritually.

We believe that children learn through a process of reinforcement within their behavior. Through the process of positive and negative reinforcement, children develop and learn. As a result, we believe that every classroom should have a structured environment which facilitates the learning process.

We believe that children develop best when surrounded in an atmosphere of Christian love and when provided with these basic essentials, children are able to develop all the necessary skills needed to help them become functioning adults in the society around them.

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